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Co-facilitated by Ella FitzgeraldVince Ibay and Edward Martin.


Camberwell College of Art, University of the Arts London (UAL)


In this online session Fitzgerald, Ibay and Martin ran a hands-on workshop that explores how contemporary artists are using code to create and recreate. The workshop is divided up into 2 parts that focus on two types of filters; classification and machine vision. The first part run by Vince Ibay taught participants how to code their own image classifier with artist inspiration coming from Rene Magritte. Contextual Theory, Conceptual analysis and artist references about the ethics of human classification and datasets were taught and presented by Ella Fitzgerald. Edward Martin then followed this with his workshop, 'Not-Your-Face Filter' where he taught participants how to create an algorithm that masked their face with a computer-generated alternative. Fitzgerald analysed how computers detect our faces, the concerns around over-policing and the implications of face filters on social media. 


CODE-TO-CREATE was designed to teach participants to not only code but also contextualise their computation in wider society and within art, as well as criticise the ethical concerns of the technology we create and put into our world.

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